How do I qualify to become a Binance Affiliate?

  How do I qualify to become a Binance Affiliate? You need one of the following to qualify to become a Binance Affiliate: Individual  Social media account with 5,000+ followers or subscribers on one or more social media platforms (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) Crypto Communities  Financial leaders or opinion leaders with a community of 500+ members on one or more community groups (Telegram, Facebook, WeChat, Reddit, QQ, VK) Business/Organization User base of 2,000+ Market analysis platform with 5,000+ daily visits.  Industry media platform Crypto fund Aggregate trading platform  What are the benefits of joining the Binance Affiliate Program? Binance Spot Affiliate  Category  *Total Referred Traders % of commission Note Spot Affiliates  < 500 41% BNB holding requirement waived >=500 50% BNB holding requirement waived *Total referred traders: the number of users who registered with your referral link and made a Spot, Margin, or Futures transaction.  All of our approved spo

How Can I Find My Binance User ID

  How to find my Binance user ID This is a simple guide on how to find your  Binance  user ID. • If you don’t have a Binance account, you can sign up  here . ‍ • If you have a Binance account, please follow the following steps: ‍ 1. Go to  and click “Log in.” 2. Once logged in, go to your account. 3. Copy and paste your Binance user ID.

How To Register An Account on Binance

Image is the world’s leading crypto exchange. Let’s get started in 5 quick and easy steps: Step 1: Register Account Step 2: Complete Verification Step 3: Deposit Crypto Step 4: Buy Crypto Step 5: Explore Binance Products Step 1: Register Account Register a Binance account from the  Binance App ,  Binance website , or  Binance Desktop App  with your email or phone number. Step 2: Complete Verification You can complete  Identity Verification  on your Binance account to unlock the fiat deposit and withdrawal limits. This process typically takes a few minutes to complete, which includes verifying your basic account information, providing ID documentation, and uploading a selfie/portrait. Be sure to secure your Binance account - while we do everything to keep your account secure, you also have the power to increase the security of your Binance account. See our  Security Tips  for more information. Step 3: Deposit Crypto If you already hold crypto in another wallet, you can deposit the

How to Complete Identity Verification on Binance

  How to Complete Identity Verification on Binance How to Complete Identity Verification on Binance 2021-05-30 Don't have an account yet on Binance? Click here to download the app and register Yet to verify your account on Binance? Let's consider the following FAQs to get started. Where can I get my account verified? You can access the Identity Verification from  [User Center]  -  [Identification] , or access it directly from  here . You can check your current verification level on the page, which determines the trading limit of your Binance account. To increase your limit, please complete the respective Identity Verification level. Why do I need to complete Identity Verification? How to complete Identity Verification? A step-by-step guide 1. Log in to your Binance account and click  [User Center]  -  [Identification] . 2. Click  [Get verified] . 3. Here you can see the three levels of verification -  Basic ,  Intermediate , and  Advanced , and their respective deposit and with

Unlock with these Hidden SmartPhone Secret Codes you might probably not have come across

Unlock with these Hidden SmartPhone Secret Codes you might probably not have come across Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes known as "quick codes" or "feature codes", is an extra-UI protocol, which allows people to access hidden features. This protocol was originally created for GSM phones, but can be found on CDMA devices as well (if that's a bunch of acronym gibberish to you, here's a quick primer). The USSD protocol allows you to access hidden features you didn't know about right from your smartphone's dialer. But there is some trickiness you'll need to know about. Coders have a storied tradition of baking in secret passageways that can only be accessed by inputting a special "key." And so that tradition continues in the mobile age. These publicly available backchannels allow users to directly communicate with their service provider's computers and/or access back-end features in their device. They are acces